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Welcome to River Park Medical Clinic

September is Flu Vaccination Month. Make Your Appointment Today.

Primary Care Medicine

Medical Check-ups  

Pregnancy Tests


  Flu Shot,

  School Vaccinations

  Other Inoculations

Disease Preventions


  High Cholesterol

  High Blood Pressure

  Heart Disease (EKGs)

  Weight Management

Acute Problems

  Cold, Headache, Sinusitis

Senior Care Medicine

Geriatric Medicine

  Dementia Care‎

  Alzheimer's Disease

  Cognitive Impairment

  Chronic Diseases

Continuity of Care

  Skilled Nursing

  Assisted Living Facilities

  Independent Living


  Inpatient Hospice Care

Inpatient Hospital Care

Hospital Privileges

  Dr. Le, Dr. Bruckerhoff

  and Dr. Tran have 

  privileges at 5 Fort

  Worth hospitals

Continuity of Care

  Continuity of care 

  provides the advantage of

  knowing your medical 

  history during your 

  hospital stay

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